How It Works

edsi has developed its own revolutionary micro lending model and training platform based on the values of:

  • self-sufficiency
  • transparency
  • integrity
  • accountability

Every element of edsi works in synergy with the brain-power and ingenuity of the business women with whom we partner.

Why Loans?

Why not just give recipients raised funds? Why lend? Simply put, the micro-financing model ‘lends itself’ very well to the concept of sustainability. The annual repayment of the loans, in addition to competitive loan fees, enables the replenishment of capital. Capital can then be redeployed in order to harness the success of this business by supporting additional and other business’ entrepreneurial endeavors. This lending model has another very positive effect: By issuing loans with repayment terms, the recipient is incented by an added layer of encouragement to drive her business to succeed – particularly when no actual collateral (security for the loan) is involved. The successful businesswoman can then also help other businesses to emulate her best practices.

And so the ripple effect continues