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There’s no Place like Home


The clean and refreshing cold of a Canadian winter breeze was appreciated by the edsi team who spent last week in the de-thawing climate of South America. Our friends in Peru are already missed, but it is nice to be back home again with a booster shot of appreciation for the comforts of our society, and geared up to launch edsi to new heights this year. Certainly lots of demand for our services abroad so much attention will be turned to raising capital this year. Stay tuned!

Lots of exciting things on the docket for 2016! We will be continuing to provide you with media and news from this most recent trip, and are already in process of putting together another video production.  We are amped to start sharing this and more about edsi, where we see the organization going, and what you can do to help.

Thanks to everyone who kept in touch with us throughout the week through messages or following our Instagram and Twitter feeds!



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