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Home Sweet Home


Well, we made it back in one piece. After a red-eye flight yesterday which was  expected for 2am Sunday but instead took off at 5:00am, the edsi project team and I finally were able to return to the comforts of Canadian life.

As I’m sitting here outside on my front porch breathing non-emission-particle-laden air, I am not just referring to the luxuries like being able to pass time with fancy computers, or nice memberships. Instead, I mean the things (can’t refer to them as “luxuries” or even “comforts”)  you realize when you go to a place like Lima, Peru – the real Lima – that we take for granted in more developed worlds. Things like: regulated and maintained roads, electricity, safe water, and enough healthy food.  Even basic safety and stability.

Our micro finance agent in Lima, Alex C., a gentleman by any one’s standards, showed us these places. Including where he lives.

To help put this into perspective, notwithstanding being one of the most popular and esteemed pastors not just in Peru but Latin America altogether, he lives in an area in urban Lima where he told us gang fights occur almost every weekend outside his doorstep. Yet his three children  – despite getting scared when rocks and sometimes even bullets pass their house – are still joyous and proud and happy to play with any thing or any one they can find including a videographer named Levi Pounds.

It’s good to be home, but the work has just begun…

We look forward to sharing the footage shortly once its available (at Levi’s bat cave i.e.. production lab) with you.

Stay tuned,

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