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Some updates!


Here at edsi, we’re inundated with ideas, fuelled by our motivation and the motivation of those around us who are already familiar with edsi. I’m excited to share some updates here:

First, I suggest checking out our Peru video, filmed on site during our recent visit to Lima, and co-produced by Levi Pounds of Technicolor Post Production Studios in Toronto.

You can view it above via our YouTube page, or our Facebook page at:

The video also hosts our Project Coordinator in Lima, Alex Cotrina. The making of this video comprised a major chunk of the purpose of that trip, with the idea being to give our supporters, friends, and family back home a realistic yet also optimistic outlook of how things are in the communities we are already supporting. Most of the business women you see in the film are edsi loan recipients already. This is hot off the press and we’re excited to hear what you guys think!

The edsi team has also made strong progress in Swaziland over the past couple of weeks, where part of our team recently made a trip to subsequent to the Peru visit earlier this year. Igor Mathias is edsi’s representative in Southern Africa and helps the team manage the Swaziland portfolio. The intention of that trip was to discuss edsi’s future directions and strategy, and to meet with the program’s local country coordinator and participants in the upcoming program to better understand the impact it will have on their lives and what could be done to improve the program at the local level.

We also have some other news to share in the coming weeks so please continue your support and attention via our various social outlets, and we will keep providing good information and support to our global communities!

Finally, the edsi team is hoping to organize and throw a sort of thank-you and kick off party in the coming months to celebrate where we have come thus far, and thank every one who has been along for the ride so far…and welcome new people to come aboard!
So stay tuned for that!

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