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The Power of Carpe Diem


I remember learning the meaning of carpe diem in school. Seize the Day. It is that one phrase in that once very alive, now very dead language of Latin, that people seem to remember.

Why? Because it’s simple: Take advantage of your own resources. Maximize these to your potential. And redeploy the next day. Repeat. Remain open minded and positive in your thinking. This will empower you to meet adversity. Then good things will happen.

People around the world have been abiding by this simple guiding principle for generations. However sometimes in our modern societies, where we are so blessed with luxuries unimaginable to another person a short plane ride away,  we forget this concept.

Working with our partners at Technicolor Creative Services, we are very excited to start bringing to everyone an opportunity to meet some of the women that are empowering themselves through their own abilities. You then can see proof that good things happen to those who strive for something better, and maintain good when things are bad. That is possibly one of the most ironic things about a place like the slums of Lima where there is little if nothing at all…that the amount of love, caring, and community is felt through the sandy streets which matches peoples’ ingenuity, creativeness, and entrepreneurship.

We will soon bring to you a chance to meet our team, our media partners, and most importantly, our businesses that we support so far in events, speaker sessions, and of course social media in the coming weeks. We also have some other very exciting and fresh concepts to bring to the micro finance world at the grassroots level which I think all of you will enjoy.

Stay tuned!

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